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B&F Papers


B&F Papers asked us to take an existing range of stock, the Curious Metallics range, that was suffering from being pigeon holed as old-fashioned, and present it in a new and surprising light; something to make designers re-evaluate the stock and drive them to start specifying it in new and creatively interesting ways.

We were drawn to the uniqueness of the paper, its distinctive surface, and how one colour not only complemented another but also how the colours contrasted.  A playful concept began to evolve around the idea of duality. Each side of the stock would feature an idea that contrasted with its companion but related or was intrinsic to the other somehow. For instance; Black and White. Sky and Earth. Yin and Yang.

The resulting book was printed in two opposite orientations, meeting in the middle. The book can be read either way: from the Yin side or the Yang.

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